The easiest way to add video editing to your app

Compress, trim and convert your videos effortlessly. Built for developers. No-fuss setup.


Full control over your videos

Compress, mute, speed up, slow down, etc., your video with a few lines of code

Drop-in video superpowers

Works with TS/JS, Python. And more languages coming soon
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Let Modfy do the heavy lifting

Process your videos asynchronously, let Modfy handle storage and delivery

Embed the editor in your app

Just a line of code to add video editing capability to your app. (Ready for world domination.)
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Looking for a way to convert your video without an API? We’ve got you covered!

Edit videos with a few lines of code

Let's edit your video clip. Grab the code below in your preferred language and paste it into your code editor.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 // Javascript import Modfy from '@modfy/core' const modfy = new Modfy({ token: '', secretToken: 'sk_test_' }) const compressedFiles = modfy.compress(['inputFile.mp4'], 'server', 50)

Supported languages

Fast setup, easy integration

Full endpoint documentation

API docs include code samples in your favorite language

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